Onsite Service Contractors
The Fundamentals of Site Work

The key aspects and fundamentals to site works and services lies in the preparation ,organization, documentation and communication from start to finish, ensuring that all levels of the work force and site representation understand both the requirements and the methods in which the controlled procedures are to be carried out.

The Preparation

Crucial if any project is to be deemed a success is methodical preparation and planning. That’s why in all instances the first step of any potential contract is for an Anokap principal consultant to visit the site and make a full appraisal of every aspect, condition and possibility, before returning and drafting a detailed, informative proposal based on first hand knowledge.

Goals & Objectives

This combination makes our operation both lean and efficient in areas which set us apart from others, providing the requirements of each individual project to the full specification, on time and within budget. Each project is tailored to the requirements under legislative policy, adapted to meet the challenge of achieving the demand in a safe manner, minimising the impact to the environment.

The Staff

Through our own direct experienced, dedicated key members and the network of partners / associates we can call and reply upon high caliber power resources at will. The principal staffs in all our cooperation’s carries a vast array of site experience and mature in the outlook to the specific requirements and tasks in hand. Attention to detail is of the highest priority, especially when considering Health and Safety, not only to comply with legislation but to take care of each others welfare it what is often very difficult conditions.


The initial proposal, procedures, work instructions and methods statements detailed and continuously refer to check points, monitoring operations, milestones and signoff’s which are second nature to the key appointed officers in charge and their leading hands. In a legible formulated format and depending on the complexity of the project, control documentation is recorded, completed and passed off by seniors at every stage which comes to form the core of the handover certificates of compliance on completion. Copies of these records are maintained in the archives for a minimum of 2 years and electronic softcopies held indefinitely.

The Future

Many years ago, it was demonstrated by Airlines that clean surfaces are efficient and reduce operating cost, this can be said for almost any industrial sector. Following works of either consultation or full turn-key management cleaning packages, at the clients request, Anokap Solutions will go that step further in service to investigate how to optimise the full potential of the surface topography to it’s specific application.

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